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My Sony Ericsson January 5, 2007

Posted by varunbhat in Knowledge Base, Technical.

Sony Ericsson Features (wow!!!!)

If you have time please spend some time to go thru the amazing features of my new SONY Ericsson K750i …

features of my socalled “high end” handset K750i.

If ur transfering something via bluetooth , just dont do any other work on ur mobile. keep looking the transfer happening. Or U mit want to do something else on ur mobile.. Hmmm..sorry !!! U can’t do anything other than watching .. one biiig fiture of sony ericsson.

As now u’ve bought the “high end” handset , wishing to save lot of messages in different folders (wishes, teasers , my love etc. ) .. Even i like that , I thought i could do all those with this K750i… OOOOOps.. max. msg u can store is 200…. Ok i guess you’ll compromise max 200 in inbox .. wait a minute i dint reveal another secret (dont tel this to neone..) when i said 200 i meant complete message storage.. not only inbox… so max u can store 200 including sent items , drafts , saved items and ofcourse inbox (Nice No.. !!!!

Ur driving bike with head set on ur ears , listening FM. Now try changing the channel by pressing button on headset …… Huh!!! U can’t .. this feature is not provided in SONY .. (Leave it .. it seems to be a biiiiig feature .. mit be costly .. ) .. But y in nokia (even in 3K/- handset) .. Now all you have to do is.. take out ur handset from pocket , bag or whereever u’ve kept that .. and change the channel ………. Long live sony ericsson.. !!

I have long list of frens , so on special occassions i need to message them all to wish .. So wat do i do now…. yep! I have to add all the numbers in a single message and send .. (Group messaging) … Hey , wat happened to my handset .. its dying….. the so called high end handset which does so many b**l sh*t things faster , not doing this simple job.. No keys wil work .. not even switch off!!!!!! wow!! amazing feature ( bug ) .. so u’ve to wait till mobile comes back to sober state after heavy drink.. which approx will take 10 min!! (believe me) … Now u mit wonder wats so special in group message.. now tats wat i want to ask sony people who designed this high end handset.. again hats off!!!

One day i went to a movie with frens .. i had to battle out for 4 tickets.. I couldn’t check my mobile in that crowd …. Tat day i thought i lost my mobile almost…. later i checked my mobile phone for messages or missed calls.. HMMM.. i thought loosing mobile was better than suffering.. !!! Yeah!! this is a strange problem.. I had 4 missed calls and 4 messages .. (all those wil be there in activity menu.. which pops up to curse us..) .. tats all i cud see.. when i tried to check who has given missed calls or sent messages … mobile got hanged.. (remember my last paragraph.. even switch off wont work when sony is in panic.) I had to take battery out and replace it.. thank god it got switched on.. But i tried to check who has given missed call in activity menu.. ? again mobile got hanged .. (again replace battery) .. it happened 2 more times..

again i took off my hat!! to salute sony ericsson…..(I accept this happens with many handsets , but i can’t forgive this happening in 13K handsets) ..

I faced this problem (4 missed call problem), 3-4 times in few months.. But tat made me find out a solution for this bug… when ever you see 4 missed calls in the activity menu.. (dont panic.. dont call ur parents , frens .. start praying god.. as u witnessed this amazing feature by sony…) press back key and go to call history check all missed calls …. Mobile will hang if u try to check ur 4 missed alls directly in activity menu… or try to delete the entry directly… Yepppieee!!! we are finding solutions to use sony features !!! god news for sony ppl..

Still I have lot of more features …!!! I will definitely fill this page up.. sometimes later..

if you want to know more abt any off the features of sony ericsson.. do mail me to this address varunbhat@inbox.com…. Believe me sony ericsson is full of features.. !!!!



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