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Me Back with one more feature!!! January 10, 2007

Posted by varunbhat in Knowledge Base, Technical.

Hey, in my last post I forgot to explain one feature.  Incredible phone book in K750i.

If you want to find some name in the phone book you shud kno the exact way u stored the name .. wow!!! Tats not phone book I shud say tats a security feature. Phone book will surely give a hard time, if one of Ur fend tries to find a name …

This feature can be better explained with comparison to nokia phones. Don’t think abt the nokia “low end” phones… new phones in nokia have a feature, which takes even the part of the name you enter. And lists all the names, which contain this, bunch of letters in their name…. Good Feature!!!

For Ex: – if you type “sh”

Names like

1. Ashish

2. Ashwani

3. Shwetha

4. Yogesh

Will be listed


But look at the feature in Sony. Only “shwetha” will be listed as I searched of “sh” HUH!!!!

I’m not blaming only K750i for this feature. (Coz it has low-end s/w in disguise of high-end s/w)

If you think I’m being unfair for Sony… Lets take Sony new models. K810i.. (Cool cyber shot phone) latest one.

This amazing phone book is retained in this new model also…. Wow!! Now tats incredible.   I salute Sony for giving this exciting phone book as gift for their so-called ”high end” handset users….

BTW don’t assume I like nokia and hate Sony.. I believe nokia is cheating people by selling handsets at higher cost. What I feel is Sony should  enhance its features , to server Sony lovers better.



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