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B’lore January 11, 2007

Posted by varunbhat in Knowledge Base.

Today I’m gettin bored in office , donno wat to do.. HMMM!!..
So thought i’ll write some posts to my blog..
But lemmi think do i have anythig to write ? NO!!!

Hey, have u seen b’lore roads … They are so bad .. y dont these government ppl improve those..
I think b’lore success has nothing to do with government(s).. So faa all the companies have come to b’lore for bussiness without gov’s help.. Y dont this gov. help IT so that more can come… Gov. is always ready to eat money .. without doing any work.. One thing they dint realise , i.e., if more companies form base in b’lore politicians can eat more money.. But who’ll explain them this fact…



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